Fully capture you as you are. 

Adventure as far as needed.

Tell a story through my lens.

Capture real love. 

Become your friend. 

I grew up with a 35mm camera in my face...all the time...thanks to my Dad.  He was always there recording all parts of mine and my sister's life.  I bet you can guess who made me fall in love with photography...yep, that's right. My father. Through my childhood all the way to high school I had always seen myself being a photographer.  I went to college, studied many different majors planning to do photography on the side and finally one day, switched my major for the fifth time to PHOTOGRAPHY.  I couldn't believe I had finally followed my heart.  Since then, I have interned with WNC Magazine in Asheville, NC where I photographed many Western North Carolina towns, local restaurants, food, artists and events.  After Asheville, I moved to Greenville, SC where I currently reside.  I continue to independently explore my passion for the arts as a local photographer.  My areas of expertise include portraiture & poetic imagery, ultimately allowing my subjects to explore & express personal journeys of self-evolution & healing. 


Cyanotypes are my jam.

I drink coffee daily and can't function without it. 

I love my pup Buster more than anyone in this world and a lot of people say he's not a "pup" but I will always say he's my 8 year old 110lb. pup.

Getting outdoors is extremely important to me and I am beyond grateful for time outside.

I run my tail off and try to practice yoga weekly.

I have an obsession with snow.  

The best beer is a sour beer. 

That's all I got. 




2010-2014 - The University of South Carolina, Bachelor's of Fine Art in Art Studio with an emphasis in Photography, Columbia, SC.


2014- USC Student and Faculty Photography Show, Tapp's Arts Center, Columbia, SC

2014- The USC Photo Fest Student Exhibition, USC Student Gallery, Columbia, SC, Juried by Roger May (group)

2014- The 2014 Trick or Treat Exhibition, Part 2, Lenscratch 

2014 - Depth of Feel, University of South Carolina Senior BFA Exhibition, Vista Studios, Columbia, SC. (group)

2014 - Student Art Competition, McMaster Gallery, Juried by Scott Peek, Columbia, SC. (group)

2014 - Figures|Context: The Online Annex Gallery, Juried by Cig Harvey,

2013 - The University of South Carolina Student Pop-Up Show, Juried by Dennis Kiel, Columbia, SC. (group)

2013 - USC Student Gallery, Columbia, SC (group)

Professional Memberships: 

2013-present - Society for Photographic Education

2013-present - Photographic Society


2015-2016 - WNC Magazine